Hello and Welcome to Ecobrands! We are a British company based in London having three core products in the area of natural health and wellness. Ecobrands arranges manufacturing in the Far East and also in North America. We are growing in the UK and expanding steadily worldwide. Ecobrands aims to design and produce products that are intended to help people to help themselves, naturally.

ActiMint: The Probiotic Supplement that helps digestion and is excellent for good breath. It helps to keep an optimum probiotic level in the gastric region. ActiMint has its own website with valuable health information and testimonials. Dissolve a minty tablet in the mouth after each meal!

Aquabalm: A superb natural skincare product that provides outstanding results. Aquabalm is based on a unique enzyme which continues to be researched at the University of Iceland in Rejkavik. Aquabalm has its own website to explain a complex and wonderful invention.

Zap-It!: An insect after-bite remedy that is chemical free; instantly at the ready, will put an end to the irritation of itching and scratching. Zap-It! has its own website to tell the story of why travelers should make this an essential ‘in the pocket’ device.

Ecobrands also promotes a few other products that have a useful or natural and beneficial activity to offer our customers.

Calista – saliva ovulation test:
Calista is a tiny microscope that show a crystalline pattern to indicate the best days of the month to conceive your baby. Full explanations and ferning charts are provided.

SagaPro: A natural tablet for men to provide support for a healthy prostate. SagaPro is a dietary supplement made from the Angelica plant that grows abundantly in Iceland’s volcanic uplands and contains an effective herbal extract to help men and women reduce nightly bathroom visits. Learn more about Sagapro.

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