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Ecobrands Partnership with CamBiotech UK

Ecobrands Limited is pleased to announce its partnership with CamBiotech (UK) Limited to develop Medical Device products for sales to the healthcare, outdoor travel and retail sectors. Ecobrands and CamBiotech together are managed and run by a team of highly … Continue reading

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Health Benefits of Probiotic Bacteria

Probiotics are living bacteria that provide health benefits when ingested by humans. The literal meaning of Probiotic is ‘for life’ so any kind of living bacteria that has a positive impact on your body is called probiotic. Though bacteria in … Continue reading

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Three ways to reverse Sun burn

So you have noticed that you have the telltale signs of sun damage. You have discoloration, red lines, wrinkles and maybe even a skin tag or a scaly patch. It’s time to take action. Depending on the severity of your … Continue reading

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Five symptoms of skin cancer

Could you recognize skin cancer if you saw it? Skin cancer is on the rise and it’s important to be able to identify the signs and symptoms. The first step is to get an overall baseline of your skin. Explore … Continue reading

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