Ecobrands Partnership with CamBiotech UK

Ecobrands Limited is pleased to announce its partnership with CamBiotech (UK) Limited to develop Medical Device products for sales to the healthcare, outdoor travel and retail sectors.

Ecobrands and CamBiotech together are managed and run by a team of highly qualified professionals with over 20 years of experience in research, development, production, quality control and marketing of novel healthcare products and technologies.

The companies together are committed to supply premium quality healthcare products that are in demand in various countries. Growth will be added by introducing new products, either through our own R&D endeavours, or partnering with highly reputed manufactures around the globe to support our established product portfolio.

All our products are manufactured under strict ISO regulations and pass through rigorous quality assurance testing to guarantee our customers the highest grade material and workmanship.

Our commitment to the quality and strategy for keeping affordable prices, together with our track record in technology and innovation enable us to offer our clients a reliable partnership in rapidly changing healthcare market.

The initial products that CamBiotech is bringing to the partnership include:

(1) AssayCareTM
A range of high quality Rapid IVD Test kits, all manufactured under strict GMP and ISO regulatory guidelines; for use in Hospitals, Blood Banks, Clinics and Laboratories around the globe.

The present line of products includes Rapid Cancer Marker Tests, Cardiac Market Tests, Drug of Abuse Tests, Fertility Tests and Infectious Disease Tests.
Please click here to download the AssayCareTM product brochure.

(2) TopSurgTM
A range of premium quality Surgical Sutures for use in Hospitals and Clinics, all manufactured under strict ISO-9002 regulations and meet all requirements established by the United States Pharmacopoeia and European Pharmacopoeia. The present line of products includes Polyglycolic acid, Polyglactin-910, Poliglecaprone-25, Polydioxanone, Plain / Chromic Catgut, Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene, Silk and Steel sutures, all available in a range of gauge sizes and lengths, non-needled or attached permanently to stainless steel needles of varying types and sizes by centred perforation (drilled) on one or both ends of the suture for smooth and atraumatic tissue penetration.
Please click here to download the TopSurgTM product brochure.

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