Health Benefits of Probiotic Bacteria

Probiotics are living bacteria that provide health benefits when ingested by humans. The literal meaning of Probiotic is ‘for life’ so any kind of living bacteria that has a positive impact on your body is called probiotic. Though bacteria in general have a bad reputation and many people believe that bacteria can only be harmful, there are many healthy bacteria that are present in our human body and help in fighting diseases. More than 1,000 types of bacteria are living in our digestive tracts that help us break down food and gain nutrients. Probiotic Bacteria can fight many gastrointestinal diseases such as antibiotic-associated diarrhea (AAD). They also have other effects like stopping infections, boosting immune system, improving women’s health and even fighting obesity. Here are some major benefits of Probiotics.

Healthy Digestive system
1,000 of types of healthy bacteria are in our digestive system for its proper functioning. But when we take any antibiotics to kill bacteria which cause illness, the antibiotics also kills some healthy bacteria which results in lack of healthy bacteria. So Probiotics can be taken to fulfill that lack of healthy bacteria. Probiotics are also helpful for curing irritable bowel syndrome, which is actually quite hard to treat.

Prevention of Urinary infections
People who are suffering from urinary tract infections can benefit from regular use of Probiotics. Probiotics will help stop bad bacteria from infecting the urinary tract. Urinary infection is quite common, though it can be cured with the use of antibiotics, but still there is a chance that they might come back. Proper intake of probiotics leads to better protection from urinary infections and also eliminates the chances of it occurring again.

Stops Allergies
In a study, it shows that women who took probiotics during pregnancy had a 30% reduction in childhood eczema. During pregnancy, use of probiotics leads to higher levels of tissue inflammation in children that is said to trigger the immune system and prevents allergies.

Boosts Immune system
The main function of these healthy bacteria is the immune system. When these healthy bacteria are ingested through probiotic supplements or probiotic-rich foods, the immune system becomes stronger which eventually saves from many other diseases that get active with reduced immunity.

Fight Obesity
Though there is no conclusive proof of how Probiotics help in obesity, in many studies it has been found positive in reducing overweight. People who have had a surgery for weight loss maintained their weight by regular use of probiotics. It was also beneficial for helping lose abdominal fat in women. So probiotics seems to help in losing weight as long as the source of probiotics is low-calorie and healthy.

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