Digestive Health – ActiMint
We first launched ActiMint in 2003, the idea for the ActiMint brand was to offer a breath-freshener that contained a Probiotic and Prebiotic to assist comfortable digestion and freshen breath from within. We have continued to refine and improve ActiMint and change the marketing message to be understood as a Supplement (which it is) that also refreshes the breath.

Skin Care & Body Care – AQUABALM
AQUABALM is our natural skin care product with remarkable natural properties; it was originally sold as Penzim. This natural cosmeceutical enzyme treatment for skin now has its own website to encourage users to share their experiences. AQUABALM is marketed as a cosmetic range of products with enhanced remedial properties. In Hong Kong we are able to be more specific by indicating on the product packaging that one of its beneficial uses is for eczema. AQUABALM has become a recognized treatment in Hong Kong and is successfully sold through the AS Watson chain of pharmacies.

Outdoors – Zap-It!
Zap-It! our popular mosquito after-bite remedy has undergone radical design improvements and further testing at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and its now called: Zap-It! Added to the Zap-It! brand we are launching a proven repellent spray and handy repellent wipes that are more natural than DEET and our tests demonstrate as effective.

Saliva Ovulation Test – Calista
Calista is one of our original products used regularly by many women seeking the right time to conceive, or not to. Further research is being undertaken on the Calista principle of saliva as an indicator of the fertile peak of the month and we will publish the results of this work in due course.

We do our best to serve our customers with products that are practical and to design innovative packaging so the science behind the products can be readily understood.

We hope you will benefit from our products.

Robin Baker
Managing Director, Ecobrands Ltd

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