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ActiMint is now back in stock and we apologise to customers who have been waiting on its return for the past few weeks.

  • Actimint helps to ensure regular fresh breath and comfortable digestion.
  • Includes Xylitol, known to keep the mouth & gums healthy and reduce plaque.
  • Contains millions of live probiotic Lactobacillus acidophilus units, which help to keep a balance of ‘friendly bacteria’ in the digestive tract to assist with good digestion.
  • Promotes an optimum environment for the growth of probiotic units in the lower intestine.
  • Recommended to take before, during and after a course of antibiotics.
  • Added prebiotic helps increase the survival of probiotic units in the gut.
  • Scientific tests prove that millions of cfu (colony forming units) reach the intestine where they beneficially multiply.
  • Recommended: 2 tablets dissolved in the mouth after each meal or as desired.
  • No aspartame – No artificial flavouring – No preservatives – Sugar free
  • A daily probiotic provides beneficial support to nutrition.

60 Probiotic Tablets in easy to carry pack. ActiMint tablets dissolve in the mouth and can be taken after each meal or as desired.

About Actimint
We launched ActiMint in 2003, the idea for the ActiMint brand was to offer a breath-freshener that contained a Probiotic and Prebiotic to assist comfortable digestion and freshen breath from within. We have continued to refine and improve ActiMint and change the marketing message to be understood as a Supplement (which it is) that also refreshes the breath.

The active ingredient in ActiMint is Lactobacillus acidophilus and the strain we have chosen is called L10. This probiotic strain is designed to retain its beneficial bacteria because of the latest form of encapsulating the colony forming units (cfu), this confers a degree of protection to the beneficial flora as they pass through the stomach to create an optimum environment for digestion in the digestive tract. L10 st arts with 150 billion cfu per gram, (1.5×10 10), which goes into the ActiMint tablet. Ecobrands has carried out further independent in-vitro tests on the ActiMint tablets with Northern Hygiene Laboratory Ltd that confirms a high effective recovery rate of the cfu and supports our packaging claim of 150 Million cfu per tablet, (10 6). This is has been commented on by Professor Glenn Gibson and a remarkably high unit count in tablet form.

One of the fundamentals of good health is probiotic supplementation with acidophilus and other friendly bacteria. These intestinal flora play major roles in keeping the immune system strong, in digestion and elimination, in the condition of your skin, in producing vitamins and much more.

Our diets today don’t include much in the way of live fermented foods. Even most yoghurts have had the bacteria in them killed so that they last longer without going sour, and we are exposed to many toxins, which kill the friendly bacteria in our bodies. Antibiotics, medications, chlorinated water, birth control pills, even the mercury from the dental silver amalgams in your mouth can get into the saliva and destroy your ‘friendly bacteria’. Thus supplementation is beneficial to take care of these issue.


What are probiotics?
The literal meaning of ‘probiotics’ is ‘for life’. Probiotics are a generic term for naturally occurring ‘friendly’ bacteria that are beneficial for health, which differentiates them from the ‘bad’ bacteria such as the well known Escherichia coli and Salmonella, causing diarrhoea and other intestinal problems. The most populous probiotic families are Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. Many different types of probiotic bacteria grow in the human digestive tract, and together with other ‘friendly bacteria’ create a complex ecosystem in our intestines called the intestinal microflora. Probiotics are thus a natural p art of our body.

What makes bacteria a probiotic?

1. Safe for consumption: The bacteria to be used as probiotic must be a ‘friendly bacteria’ that is safe. By law, only safe bacteria are accepted on the market. However, the law does not yet regulate the definition ‘probiotics’. Anyone can claim a bacteria to be a probiotic bacteria.

2. Measurable beneficial effects on health: There must be scientific evidence that demonstrates the beneficial effects of a probiotic strain on our health. There are many different Lactobacillus acidophilus strains, the strain of Lactobacillus acidophilus L10, we have selected in ActiMint demonstrates proven scientific evidence of the health benefits it contributes to.

3. Survival of the bacteria: The bacteria must be alive when reaching the human gut in order to provide the health benefits. It is important to note that probiotic supplements in which the number of live bacteria CFU is guaranteed until the end of shelf life provide more certainty that you get a sufficient dose of ‘friendly bacteria’ than a supplement that only guarantees the dose “at time of manufacturing”.

Why do we need probiotics?

Staying healthy – Probiotic bacteria play an important role in digesting food as well as maintaining health. They produce short chain fatty acids, which promote colonic nutrition, help the body in breaking down food, assist the absorption of essential vitamins, and protect against attack from ‘bad bacteria’ such as E. coli and Salmonella.

The important balance of the many different types of ‘friendly bacteria’ is easily disturbed. External factors such as (antibiotic) medication, travel, changes in diet and stress as well as internal influences including microbial interactions and intestinal secretions can have a negative effect. As a result, undesirable ‘bad bacteria’ may invade, bringing symptoms such as diarrhoea, constipation, and other bowel problems. Supplementing the daily diet with probiotics keeps the important balance of ‘friendly bacteria’ in place and thereby helps maintain health.



What New ActiMint  contains:

  • Each tablet provides approximately 150 million live Lactobacillus Acidophilus (probiotic, friendly bacteria), the same type generally found in yoghurt.
  • FOS – Fructo Oligosaccharide (prebiotic) which helps the growth of friendly bacteria and is associated with improved gut and bone health. 40mg. Over two thirds of the expected daily intake.Peppermint Oil – a helpful adjunct for fresh smelling breath well documented digestive properties.
  • Xylitol – a sugar free sweetener that occurs naturally in berries and vegetables. It has well proven health benefits which include  reduction of tooth decay and plaque.
  • Calcium Stearate – an  improved stabilizer.
  • Actimint contains millions of live probiotic Lactobacillus acidophilus units, which help maintain a balance of friendly bacteria in the digestive tract.
  • Provides the body with beneficial microflora of the type found in yoghurt.
  • Tastes cool and delicious and freshens the breath.
  • Includes Xylitol, known to reduce plaque & keep the mouth and gums healthy.
    no aspartame, no artificial flavouring, no preservative – sugar free
    promotes an optimum environment in the lower intestine to aid digestion
    also recommended to take before, during and after a course of antibiotics
    additional prebiotic helps increase the survival of probiotic units in the gut
    scientific tests prove that millions of cfu (colony forming units) reach the intestine where they beneficially multiply.
  • Nutritional Information (each tablet contains):
    • Energy (kcal): 1.4
    • Protein: 0g
    • Carbohydrate: 0.35g
    • Starch: 0g
    • Sugars: 0.23g
    • Saturated Fat: 2mg
    • Mono-unsaturated & polyunsaturated fat: 0g
    • Dietary Fibre: 20mg
    • Sodium: 0 mg


Feedback / Testimonials for Actimint

Here’s an article about the benefits of Probiotics in Prevention Magazine in America. Shame they haven’t heard about ActiMint in America yet, but the author illustrates how useful probiotics are for the skin; you might find it interesting.
Sarah’s Scribbles
I.B.S.uchs..  – 16th February 2012

Thank you Sarah for writing this really helpful blog for others who are having to cope with similar problems
Your product ActiMint is the best product for my I.B.S. I have suffered from this complaint for 40 years and ActiMint is my saviour. Please bring it back as soon as possible.
Heather Caton – 6 June 2011
Thrilled that this product is still available. I will definitely be purchasing some ActiMint; I can see why they are so popular.
Rebecca E. –  6 June 2011
5.0 out of 5 stars. Great product for digestion and candida.
T. Hill  – 12 Dec 2010
Only easy to take product on the market that uses specifically manufactered pro and prebiotics to fight candida yeast. For me this product works better than anything else and reduces the need to eat endless pots of yoghurt! Can be difficult to source and high street shops run out of stock very quickly.
This review is from Amazon: Probiotic Mints by ActiMint
I have been having trouble finding ActiMint in stock anywhere. Holland and Barrett don’t have any and two online suppliers have no stock. One supplier tells me you are re-formulating the product…could you update me if that’s the case. I have come to rely on ActiMint as the only way to combat bloatedness and more specifically a long standing yeast problem. In short, it’s a great product!
Thanks, Tim – 21 Oct 2010 – ActiMint contact form
ActiMint is the only thing I have found (after 18 months of trying) that holds Candida and Oral Thrush at bay. Two tablets after each meal left to dissolve slowly seems to do the trick.
Written by George  – 17 April 2010

ActiMint means probiotics are easier to take than ever

As new research continues to reveal the importance of probiotic bacteria it is becoming easier to supplement your diet with these friendly bugs. ActiMint now means that getting a regular dose of probiotic bacteria is as easy as chewing a mint.

Probiotics, which means for life, have been used for centuries as natural components in health-promoting foods. Many experiments and studies have linked probiotics to aiding a range of ailments, such as lactose intolerance, colon cancer, lowering of cholesterol and blood pressure and, most importantly, improving immune function.

A study just published by scientists at London’s Imperial College, published in Molecular Systems Biology, adds more weight to the argument for probiotic bacteria, demonstrating the measurable affect they have on gut flora. It revealed that when probiotics are consumed, the bile acids that break down fat in the gut are affected, possibly helping them to work more effectively. In theory, this could mean more fat passing undigested through the body rather than being absorbed, although the study does not prove this.

Professor Jeremy Nicholson, who led the project, said “Our study shows that probiotics can have an affect and they interact with local ecology and talk to other bacteria. We’re still trying to understand what the changes they bring about might mean, in terms of overall health, but we have established that introducing ‘friendly’ bacteria can change the dynamics of the whole population of microbes in the gut.”

“The gut naturally contains these beneficial bacteria which keep levels of disease-causing bacteria under control, but they are increasingly compromised by chemically-laden, over-processed foods, drink and medicines we ingest and the poilluted air we breathe. Supporting and boosting these good bacteria helps to restore optimum levels, aiding the immune system to detoxify the body and maintain a healthy digestive system, as well as providing a useful boost of sustained energy and even physical benefits. Anecdotal evidence ranges from improved eye sight to thicker, shinier hair.”   ”

Probiotics are live microbes which provide fundamental health benefits. Lactobacillus acidophilus is one of the most important strains of bacterial culture and forms an important part of our digestive process. 150 billion microencapsulated live cells (colony forming units) per gram go into ActiMint Tablets; all the benefits of a pot of yoghurt or a probiotic drink in just two easy-to-take, convenient to carry capsules.

Increasingly, research supports the health benefits of live bacteria (probiotics) to treat a variety of intestinal disorders and reduce staphylococcal growth during antibiotic treatment. Professor Glenn Gibson, School of Biosciences at Reading University says “ActiMint is eminently suitable to take as a probiotic addition on a regular basis.”
He recommends taking probiotics before, during and after a course of antibiotics and says “Nobody could overdose on ActiMint because probiotics can only contribute to gut and oral health.”   ”

The symbiotic advantage of ActiMint is due to the balanced combination of probiotics and prebiotics. Scientists agree that probiotics taken regularly aid digestion, regulate elimination and clear breath odour.

Two tablets taken after each meal will help to maintain an optimum probiotic level. RRP is £5.95 for a single container of 60 tablets. For more information visit:
Written by Matthew Hogg BSc (Hons)
Thursday, 12 June 2008


What makes L10 probiotics special?

They bring the latest discoveries in the field of probiotics – The second-generation screening strategy has resulted in unique benefits such as stability, survival and probiotic health effects.

Dietary supplements

An effective and easy way of ensuring a balanced digestive tract – While dairy foods, like yoghurt, can provide the ‘friendly bacteria’; everyday diet alone may not supply sufficient probiotics to the digestive tract. A daily dosage of more than one billion CFUs (colony forming units; a measurement of the amount of living probiotic bacteria) seems advisable to obtain the desired effects. An effective and easy way to ascertain the sufficient amount of probiotics is by dietary supplementation. The probiotics in ActiMint are specially formulated to be a stable dietary supplement. Through daily ingestion, supplements with the L10 strain help ensure a balanced intestinal ecosystem. An ideal intake may be 2 ActiMint tablets after each meal.

What are prebiotics?

Fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS) Unlike probiotics, which are living micro-organisms, prebiotics are indigestible carbohydrates. They stimulate the growth and activity of ‘beneficial bacteria’ of the intestinal flora and maintain healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

In a normal, healthy digestive tract you would expect to find around 1.4 kgs of bacteria. At best, the so-called ‘friendly bacteria’ make up a third of this population. At worst, especially after the prolonged use of antibiotics, or years of a diet that is too high in refined foods and sugar, levels of the good bacteria may be so low they are virtually undetectable.

Clinical trials on humans have already shown that using oligosaccharides as probiotics works. FOS are sugars that occur naturally in foods such as leeks, asparagus, Jerusalem art ichokes, garlic, onions, wheat, oats, and soybeans. FOS are not degraded or absorbed in the upper intestinal tract, and so can survive the normally hazardous passage through the digestive system to reach the colon. However, you cannot eat enough of these foods in a normal diet to provide a significant prebiotic effect, which is why you will need to take a supplement.

What is Xylitol?

Xylitol is a sugar-free sweetener that occurs naturally and it also exhibit s prebiotic qualities – it can be found in berries, fruit, vegetables and mushrooms and is commercially made from Finnish birch. Xylitol offers well-proven health benefits, which include a reduction in tooth decay with long-lasting protection against dental caries; and suitability for diabetics because of a low glycemic index.

The properties of Xylitol are a clear-cut cooling sensation, coupled with a distinctive mouth feel. Xylitol is a long-established, tooth-friendly sugar substitute, now incorporated in high added value sophisticated products such as ActiMint. Peppermint Oil acts as a muscle relaxant, part icularly in the digestive tract. Peppermint oil is added to dozens of commercial antacid preparations and is associated with providing relief for general abdominal discomforts. Specifically used as a breath freshener because of its clean fresh flavour and known to combat malodorous breath.

Taken daily ActiMint offers an assured benefit to digestive health.

Professor Glenn Gibson, School of Biosciences at Reading University, says that nobody could overdose on ActiMint because probiotics can only contribute to gut and oral health. He recommends taking probiotics before, during and after a course of antibiotics and says that ActiMint is eminently suitable to take as a probiotic addition on a regular basis. He has commented on the wisdom of choosing only the L. acidophilus species, as there is a body of opinion that two or more species mixed together might actually work against each other rather than add any benefit.


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