Calista – Ovulation Test

Trying to conceive, trying to avoid getting pregnant or simply want to check your ovulation cycle? Women who want to take control of their ovulation cycle have a quick, easy and discreet option.

Calista tells you which days you are fertile and which days you aren’t! Just place some saliva on the mini-slide and look at the sample through the backlit microscope.


A fern-like pattern indicates you are ovulating, a dotted pattern indicates you aren’t.

Calista is clinically tested to be 98% accurate and can be used for up to two years. Calista has been developed to detect the oestrogen level that is present in the body at normal ovulation time of the month.

Ecobrands is not selling Calista as a contraceptive device but in many countries it is used to avoid pregnancy.

1. Calista Ferning Chart
2. Clinical study on Calista

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