Pilates Pro Chair

Pilates Pro Exercise Chair/Bench. Provides the stimulus to do daily fitness workouts at home or studio. The “Life’s a Beach” model is supplied with 4 teaching DVD’s to get you using the equipment well.

Train in your own time

This stable exercise chair with a split-pedal system is designed to support the body facilitating workouts on your arms, abs, legs and glutes. The spring system lets you adjust your resistance levels making it perfect for beginners or experts. Many exercises in a Pilates studio performed on a Reformer machine, can be worked on with a xxx chair.

Proven results

A daily low impact workout delivers positive results without aches and pains from lifting weights or running on treadmills. Exercising with a Spring resistance machine allows you to increase your cardio workout, strengthen balance, build muscles, burn fat, and establish your own training routine.

Easy to set up

The steel frame with a smooth vinyl seat is cleverly designed to fold up. You follow the instructions to open and set-up the chair, which can be easily folded-up again when not in use. Do and exercise routine outdoors in the summer months.

The accompanying teaching videos are clearly presented by experienced teachers, and provide well-paced professional Pilates explanations.

The package

You will find many Pilates exercise demonstrations and teaching sessions on YouTube from experienced Pilates teachers like Jennifer Galardi showing how to perform Pilates exercises. These are suitable for beginners and more experienced practitioners. You can work with these Videos to follow along and learn on a tablet, cell phone or computer even if you don’t have a DVD player facility.

In the box of your Pilates PRO Chair are included, 4 DVD workout videos, a makeover guide instructional poster, and user manual (very useful). Learn the Pilates basics or put in to practice the exercises you have learned in Pilates classes. Floor exercises can equally be performed on the Pilates Pro chair. 

To get the most out of Pilates exercises we recommend that you find an experienced teacher. The exercises require an understanding of core muscle control and breathing and this takes time to acquire. Continuous improvement with Pilates exercises will be rewarded by holding yourself well and confidently. This in turn is part of improving your overall health and wellbeing. Having your own equipment to exercise on can be a part of your Pilates routine. Pilates can be a lifelong journey with continuously breakthrough moments of learning and doing.