Zap-It! is a revolutionary, pocket sized device effective at stopping itching caused by mosquito bites, and virtually all other biting insects, (including, but not tested on jellyfish stings or stinging nettles). 

Zap-It! is chemical free, non-allergenic, clean and light to carry; weighs just 12g. An ergonomic hand friendly design, robustly made and powered by a piezo. This means that it has no batteries and will last for year after year.

It may be used over a long period and will treat up to 1,000 bites. ” Our most successful travel gadget ” writes Mary Ann Sieghart – The Times. “ The Success Story ” says Wanderlust Magazine – tested by Lyn Hughes (Editor). ” 10/10! Worked brilliantly, and a huge hit with the kids ” says Rachel Murphy in Daily Mirror.

How does Zap-It! work?

Clicking, or Zapping, several times around the area of a bite has the effect of inhibiting the histamine release.  Histamine helps the body to heal a bite, but it is also a cause of itching. Reducing the urge to scratch lessens the bitten area becoming flooded with histamine, which in turn reduces swelling associated with a bite.

Zap-It! is a safe and effective relief for insect bites – it been extensively tested by leading entomologists who agree that Zap-It! is an effective device to reduce itching. It’s an ecologically sound device. Doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals associated with bite protection or relief. Always at the ready, it may be used anytime and anywhere.

  • Zap-It! is your Bite Buddy to carry with you in the Summer months. You will get bitten! The resolution is simple – you ZAP the bite with 5 clicks of the device, and relief from itching happens. Itch forgotten!
  • The OUTDOOR INSECT BITE ZAPPER carried in your pocket is always ready to use on over 1,000 bites. It rapidly stops itching and the urge to scratch. Less scratching results in less inflammation and skin blemishes.
  • An INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY to Zap the itch away, fun to use for children, and safe to use for all the family to banish bites when they occur.
  • For HIKING AND CAMPING – the convenient comfortable sized Zap-It!, with its hassle-free action, makes it the perfect companion for any outdoor enthusiast!
  • ZAPPING A BITE with Zap-It! is much better than scratching. Try it for yourself … and be the judge if it works for you!